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I have always had dry skin. Dry sensitive skin, and it has always been a pain. I use heavy moisturizers and gentle cleansers and have always been wary of changing brands/products. Very bad facial rashes have sometimes occurred when my skin doesn’t agree. I’m talking eyes swelling shut one time kind of allergic reactions. The only good thing about my dry skin was that pimples were never a problem for me and I was very grateful for that. However now at the cusp of reaching 29 years of age I’m breaking out. My skin has been noticeably oilier over the last year and pimples have started busting out of nowhere. From 2 decades of being blemish free, I now always have at least one or two. This week I have 6 but i assume my cold is to blame.

At any rate it’s all very foreign to me. I don’t know what skin care products i should start looking at. I have never looked at products for oily type skin so I’m not sure what is effective. And I am also a little scared of changing my skin care routine due to my sensitivity. Lots of research to be doing. Does anyone have any reccs? I have a few clinique items in my shopping cart on strawberrynet but I’m not entirely convinced yet.

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