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Ok, so things have been pretty busy since we moved into the house and I haven’t had the time or inclination to get around to posting properly. But these past few days I’ve come down with a pretty bad cold and I can’t leave home lest I infect the innocents (or inflict my sickly appearance on them).

Being in a house we can call our own has been great so far. There’s just something about it being yours that makes it more “homey” i suppose. We have a few things we’ve been planning like tearing down the cheap curtains in favor of timber blinds and having a verandah put up. But we’ll take our time because now that we’ve moved in all our stuff and new new furniture has arrived (whoopee) I’m feeling rather lazy. After all the anticipation and running around it’s nice to just sit around and enjoy what we’ve finally bought ourselves. The various family members have come and gone and overall the responses have been very positive and I’m relieved. The dog even settled in like we had lived here all the time. I was very worried we’d be cleaning lots of “mistakes” off the cream carpet but all has been well in doggyland and no such thing ever happened.


I’ve been slowly packing the house up since December but I’m really in full tilt now! The kitchen only contains the bare minimum to keep us in food until Friday, everything else has been mercilessly boxed up. My precious makeup collection has been tidied into boxes and I’m working out of a little bag with the essentials now. It’s very thrilling.

In the meantime I’m also getting nervous about things. Shooting off emails to my conveyancer and personal banker left and right. I’m sure they’re sick of me already, but i have so many last minute things i want to check. A large and very dull part of today was also devoted to changing our address with the relevant companies, organizing for last bills to be send for utilities and setting up utilities for the new place. Hopefully we won’t be moving again after this for a very very long time, cos I’ve moved every year since moving to Melbourne and I’m thoroughly tired of it.

Another thing has been playing on my mind. My parents and brother are going to be visiting from interstate over the easter break and they didn’t see the house before i bought it. The only person we brought along to approve it prior to purchasing was my Mother in law. I’m extremely anxious that they’re not going to approve. They liked the domain profile, but everything is meant to look good in the ad right?

Just so many things going on lately. No time to blog!

  • The melbourne storms yesterday, i was stuck outside in nunawading then they happened. Hubby and I quickly ducked under cover to wait it out. Lucky too because just as we got under the giant hail stones started coming. Our rental place in Maidstone was ok on our return but it took a very long time to get back there  because all the usual routes were either flooded or blocked up by people trying to get out of the city. We ended up hiding out in a restaurant until things settled down but in the meantime i was very worried about my dog back at home (she was ok btw).
  • We did the final inspection for our new house yesterday! Only one week to go until we take hold of the keys. I’m counting down the days and bouncing around with excitement! Finally, a place of our own where we can make the modifications we want. After 7 years of renting I cannot wait. Some of the new bank cards associated with the mortgage package came last week and it’s all starting to feel more real. Hello ball and chain. I’ve been sitting round working and reworking a budget and am glad we’re good for rates to rise 4 or 5% before we start stressing.
  • Set down a chunk of funds for a bed set from Focus On Furniture 🙂 After looking for months i finally found something i liked, and I think my husband has been getting tired of me saying i didn’t want anything i saw. It’s due to arrive next monday so no more sleeping on a mattress on the ground for us anymore. And matching side tables. Oh how i loathe the old furniture.
  • The real estate agent found someone to take over our lease at the old place a few days after we move out! So i don’t have to keep paying rent, we were very worried about that as we are breaking contract and it could have been very expensive if no one had wanted to take the place for a while.

Hope you’re all heaving a great Chinese New Years and Valentines today 🙂 We celebrated Valentines with takeout because we’re lame and didn’t organise anything. Our weekend was full of other things this week

1. House inspections were going on at the place we’re currently in. We’re hoping someone will want to take over our lease when we move out because we’re breaking lease. A lot of people came so hopefully one of them will apply. It’d ease my mind a lot as if we don’t find anyone we have to keep paying rent after we move out until someone applies.

2. Land measurements were carried out for the new house. We can now sign all the papers our conveyencer has sent us and return them. I’m so excited!

3. New years dinner and lunch spent with the Inlaws. I’m like a tub of lard after eating so much roast pork. I can’t help it, mum in law makes it so good!

4. Our ebay sales for our furniture finished around midnight last night and everything sold. Most of the stuff went for a good price, but I’d have liked the couch to go for a bit more then $75. Ah well. A lot of people showed up today for pickup and I feel a little lighter being rid of unwanted furniture. We’re starting to list some more things now. Our ebay ID is eggy99 if you’re interested. I’m trying to sell my mens size 4 doc martens, only worn twice!

5. We’ve booked the movers and the steam cleaners. yay. I feel progress. Half our home is also in neatly packed and labled boxes.

This song has been stuck in my head all weekend after sitting around the Inlaws watching Foxtel. It’s the song they use on the Lifestyle channel ads.

p.s. an update on the market thing. I’m never going again. we went twice and both times we only made about $80 profit. People only wanted to buy things for $1 or $2. Someone tried to bargain the Guess bag i was selling down to $2… i had only put it as $5 cos i was trying to get rid of it but cmon…

Since we signed on the dotted lines for the house I’ve traded Saturdays looking for a new home for Saturdays looking for furniture to put in our new home. My husband has been dragged from shop to shop and listened to my dissatisfaction about this or that but we’ve finally plunked down some money for the sofas, dining set, coffee table and tv cabinet. We got the marcus leather 3 seater and armchair from freedom in cocoa and the following items in tasmanian oak:

highett coffee table

highett coffee table

highett tv unit

highett tv unit

highett dining set

highett dining set

Very excited! The dining/tv unit/coffee table will be delivered the day after we move but the couches are on backorder and won’t come until mid april so we shall be sitting on the beanbags until then. I had best make sure we sell the old couch and dining set before we shift! We just need to tidy things up a little and put it up on ebay or the trading post. I’m very happy about buying furniture to our own tastes and getting rid of the student furniture picked by my mother.

It’s very therapeutic. I’ve been slowly filtering through the house these past few days sorting things into 4 groups.

1. Keep
2. Rubbish
3. To donate
4. To garage sale or sell on vogue forums/ebay. (anything that doesn’t sell off by moving time gets donated)

3 great big bags of stuff have just gone off to a collection bin! I have a load of cds and books to take to the second hand store to sell in a few weeks. And so many clothes to get rid of. I’ve even found enough MAC empties to Back2Mac for a new lipstick when the mood strikes me (and it may soon considering i am on a month shopping ban)

Textbooks i am not sure what to do with… They were so expensive but I’ve tried to haul them off to second hand book stores and now that they have been superseded by new editions they will not take them. If anyone wants any medical or dental textbooks let me know? I’m willing to give them up for almost nothing, it just seems a shame to throw them.

Decluttering feels very freeing at any rate. I feel so much better that I’m not hoarding all this stuff i do not use or really want. No point in just having them in boxes all around the house. There’s still lots to go.

Our new home

This weekend my husband and I finally joined the ranks of the first home owners. After a long year of searching and disappointment we finally found something with almost everything we wanted within our price range. It’s a gorgeous 3 bedroom townhouse in Nunawading with a very low maintenance backyard (hubby and I are extremely lazy about gardens) which is perfect for the dog to run around in. It’s walking distance to the train station so there’s no need to buy a second car (another expense we were dreading tacking on top of the mortgage). Settlement is set for March, which suits me to a tee because i have a leasing contract to finish up where we are now! Gives us lots of time to scheme plan what we want to buy. I’m all over Provincial for inspiration!

The auction process was a nerve wracking experience! This was our second auction and after the disappointment of last week (I am still convinced that i jinxed it by telling everyone who would listen about the house i wanted) we didn’t have much hope. But i made a supreme effort to look confident and stare down the competition from behind my dark sunnies! Then after that the property was passed in with us as the highest bidder and we had to negotiate. Very scary for the first home buyer, but we had to stick to our guns and say if we didn’t win we’d just move and and look elsewhere. I don’t think i even breathed until after the contracts were all signed! Even now i cannot quite believe it.

On the down side I am now forced to be frugal, a position i am not used to being in. I like to think i made a good start today by making a huge casserole and freezing it in multiple portions. Very cheap and delicious. I hope it will prevent me from suggesting we eat out so often due to post-work fatigue. The budget is now going into a major overhaul!

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