When I graduated from Uni i assumed I’d be paying off my HECS debt forever; but I’ve just looked at my tax return from last year and realized I’m going to be paying it off this year! In fact I’ve set aside enough to pay it before they index me in June (I’m self employed so I have to set aside my own tax/hecs). I also have enough to be paying off my husbands HECS debt at the same time. I’m so happy because it means i have more money in my budget after we move into the new house than i thought we would and we won’t have to scrimp so much 🙂 In addition to this my car will be payed off at the end of the year which will mean another $720 freed up a month for us after December. I couldn’t be more thrilled right now.


Since we signed on the dotted lines for the house I’ve traded Saturdays looking for a new home for Saturdays looking for furniture to put in our new home. My husband has been dragged from shop to shop and listened to my dissatisfaction about this or that but we’ve finally plunked down some money for the sofas, dining set, coffee table and tv cabinet. We got the marcus leather 3 seater and armchair from freedom in cocoa and the following items in tasmanian oak:

highett coffee table

highett coffee table

highett tv unit

highett tv unit

highett dining set

highett dining set

Very excited! The dining/tv unit/coffee table will be delivered the day after we move but the couches are on backorder and won’t come until mid april so we shall be sitting on the beanbags until then. I had best make sure we sell the old couch and dining set before we shift! We just need to tidy things up a little and put it up on ebay or the trading post. I’m very happy about buying furniture to our own tastes and getting rid of the student furniture picked by my mother.

I’m finally determined enough to haul myself to the markets and sell some old clothes/bags/jewellery. I’ve been talking about doing it with my mother in law for the last 2 years and now I’m finally going to go this Sunday. Things are being sorted and priced in big buckets. I’ll be at the Carribean Gardens markets in Scoresby, hopefully we can get rid of some stuff 😀 anything that doesn’t sell will be donated.

After having bought our home, my mind has been full of ideas for furniture and decoration. Right at the front of this has been the bedroom. For about a year hubby and I have been sleeping with our mattress on the floor all while chanting the mantra “we’ll get a bed set when we have a new house”. So my husband has decreed, now that we have a house, the bedroom is the first thing we will furnish.

My main concern in the new house is that it’s all very white. The family that lived there before had white carpet, white walls and white furniture. All a little bit bland. I want to keep the neutral background (white carpet and white walls but paint the skirting a contrasting color, maybe brown) and bring color to the room with items that can easily be changed. The above picture appeals to me with the use of bed linen and the carpet to add contrast to the room. I am also a big fan of the Hemnes range of furniture used. The only part i am not a fan of is the pink box at the end of the bed. I would prefer a large wooden chest in place instead.

All this cleaning is making me realise how much skincare and makeup I have that I have not used up. I sometimes flit from brand to brand just because i got bored of the product i was using. I really do not require the 10 tubes of hand cream I own do I? Nor do i really use 15 different lip balms?

So I’ve decided my first resolution for the new year is going to be to finish using things before i buy new ones. I haven’t decided how this will work with regard to things like eyeshadow and blushes as I have never in my life seen pan on either of these products. But it will apply to all skincare, lipgloss/balms/sticks, mascaras (i have enough stashed away unopened for years…), foundations, etc. Wish me luck in keeping this new resolution up!


I’m even more motivated not to drown in my makeup now, after sorting through all of my makeup items. I found the eyeshadows i bought back when i first started to get into makeup. That’s 7 years ago. Somehow i don’t think my eyeshadow has been sitting all that inert for 7 years! After a bit of sniffing a very large  (kind of odd smelling) chunk of my blush/bronzer/illuminator/eyeshadow collection has gone into the bin.

I followed this and my nose as a rule while sorting out. I did of course keep a few of the items i just cannot bear to part with but on the whole everything looks a lot more manageable now.

It’s very therapeutic. I’ve been slowly filtering through the house these past few days sorting things into 4 groups.

1. Keep
2. Rubbish
3. To donate
4. To garage sale or sell on vogue forums/ebay. (anything that doesn’t sell off by moving time gets donated)

3 great big bags of stuff have just gone off to a collection bin! I have a load of cds and books to take to the second hand store to sell in a few weeks. And so many clothes to get rid of. I’ve even found enough MAC empties to Back2Mac for a new lipstick when the mood strikes me (and it may soon considering i am on a month shopping ban)

Textbooks i am not sure what to do with… They were so expensive but I’ve tried to haul them off to second hand book stores and now that they have been superseded by new editions they will not take them. If anyone wants any medical or dental textbooks let me know? I’m willing to give them up for almost nothing, it just seems a shame to throw them.

Decluttering feels very freeing at any rate. I feel so much better that I’m not hoarding all this stuff i do not use or really want. No point in just having them in boxes all around the house. There’s still lots to go.

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are up for a fruitful hunt at the boxing day sales. My hubby and I are avaoiding all the post Christmas sale goodness as we are in full blown savings mode until march when the house settles. We hope to have as much set aside as possible tobthrow into the loan and buy furniture. So while I cannot do any of my usual clothes shopping I will be looking a lot at furniture and home decorating ideas for the next three months.

What I am also doing starting today is sorting out all the stuff we’ve managed to hoard in the house over the years. I’m going to ruthlessly cull all the unwanted clothes, shoes and random crap before we shift off. Maybe put some up for sale on the vogue forums, have a garage sale and donate what I left. Should be fun.

I will make a post of some of our Christmas presents soon 🙂 I hope you all got some great stuff.

Our new home

This weekend my husband and I finally joined the ranks of the first home owners. After a long year of searching and disappointment we finally found something with almost everything we wanted within our price range. It’s a gorgeous 3 bedroom townhouse in Nunawading with a very low maintenance backyard (hubby and I are extremely lazy about gardens) which is perfect for the dog to run around in. It’s walking distance to the train station so there’s no need to buy a second car (another expense we were dreading tacking on top of the mortgage). Settlement is set for March, which suits me to a tee because i have a leasing contract to finish up where we are now! Gives us lots of time to scheme plan what we want to buy. I’m all over Provincial for inspiration!

The auction process was a nerve wracking experience! This was our second auction and after the disappointment of last week (I am still convinced that i jinxed it by telling everyone who would listen about the house i wanted) we didn’t have much hope. But i made a supreme effort to look confident and stare down the competition from behind my dark sunnies! Then after that the property was passed in with us as the highest bidder and we had to negotiate. Very scary for the first home buyer, but we had to stick to our guns and say if we didn’t win we’d just move and and look elsewhere. I don’t think i even breathed until after the contracts were all signed! Even now i cannot quite believe it.

On the down side I am now forced to be frugal, a position i am not used to being in. I like to think i made a good start today by making a huge casserole and freezing it in multiple portions. Very cheap and delicious. I hope it will prevent me from suggesting we eat out so often due to post-work fatigue. The budget is now going into a major overhaul!

it's mah birthdayand I'll cry if i want to

This is my little Mochi giving her best “i want eeeeet” look. It was her birthday on Friday and she’s a year old now. Hard to believe she looked like a little white bear when we got her back in February, so small i could hold her in one hand. We celebrated by giving her a disgusting looking pigs trotter. Ew for us, but she devoured it (scattering pieces around the house). Next year I may just buy one of those little doggy cupcakes for her instead.

Happy birthday little Mochi, i can’t imagine life without you snuffling me  anymore.

I’ve been on a little bit of a shoe buying blitz lately. When I was overseas i bought a few pairs then on returning to australia i found my favourite flats have been worn to death (meaning if i put my finger in the section between the sole and leather i can see pink pink pink). So of course i went out to find some replacements and oops country road have 30% off shoes so i replaced them with 4 pairs. I think I’m on a shoe buying ban now, but what i have should keep me happy for a little while at least.

A little overview of some of the damage. Please excuse the washing basket in the background

Bally Illiane Black Patent Pumps. I got these at the Bally outlet in New York. From $420 down to $149 i thought i could treat myself. My husband was a big fan of them, i’m reserving them for special occasions as they’re much taller than i regularly wear.

Country Road Tamison Vintage Pumps in Light Camel. I just love the low heel and the overall shape of the shoe, an almond toe has always been my favourite. The leather is buttery soft and i feel very comfortable in these. They came in Light camel, drizzle (a greyish color) and black. I was very tempted to get the black but all my shoes are black and I took this as an opportunity to branch into another color.

Country Road Tamison Vintage Pumps in Drizzle. Same as above. Justified by my lack of ownership of any other grey shoes

Country Road Letitia Flats in Dark Husk and Black. The black ones are a replacement for my recently dead Tony Bianco flats and the brown are little accident. Both are very soft and comfortable. I can see these being used both at work and out.

YOU by Crocs boots. I can’t remember the name of the boot but when i saw them in Montreal i was very surprised to find non hideous shoes. In fact these lamb skin boots looked pretty cute and were very comfortable and warm so i had to get a pair. It’s warm now in Melbourne, so I’m going to have to wait until winter comes again before i get to try them out.

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