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We picked up they keys for the new house yesterday! Moving van is coming tomorrow. I am now officially tied to debt.

I’ve been slowly packing the house up since December but I’m really in full tilt now! The kitchen only contains the bare minimum to keep us in food until Friday, everything else has been mercilessly boxed up. My precious makeup collection has been tidied into boxes and I’m working out of a little bag with the essentials now. It’s very thrilling.

In the meantime I’m also getting nervous about things. Shooting off emails to my conveyancer and personal banker left and right. I’m sure they’re sick of me already, but i have so many last minute things i want to check. A large and very dull part of today was also devoted to changing our address with the relevant companies, organizing for last bills to be send for utilities and setting up utilities for the new place. Hopefully we won’t be moving again after this for a very very long time, cos I’ve moved every year since moving to Melbourne and I’m thoroughly tired of it.

Another thing has been playing on my mind. My parents and brother are going to be visiting from interstate over the easter break and they didn’t see the house before i bought it. The only person we brought along to approve it prior to purchasing was my Mother in law. I’m extremely anxious that they’re not going to approve. They liked the domain profile, but everything is meant to look good in the ad right?

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