I just have to rave about the above eyeliner. Next to MAC’s liquidlast liners this is hands down the most waterproof eyeliner I’ve ever used. I have eyes that tear up all the time, they tear when i yawn, when i apply liner, when I sneeze. You name it and my eyeliner is running everywhere. Pencil liner has unfortunately never been great for me as it always smudges into my undereyes. I’ve given them all a go, urban decay’s 24/7 liners were the best pencil liners I’ve used but even that still smudged a little. MAC’s liquidlast were great in terms of formula but the brush it comes with is horrible. I’ve always dispensed a little on a tray and used an angled liner brush for it. Alas now I have to get up at 6am and be out of the house by 6.15 so i have no time to fiddle with dispensing and cleaning the brush anymore. Kiss Me’s heroine liner seems to fit the bill right now, it’s completely smudge proof and waterproof and black as black can be. I might be in love.

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