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I just have to rave about the above eyeliner. Next to MAC’s liquidlast liners this is hands down the most waterproof eyeliner I’ve ever used. I have eyes that tear up all the time, they tear when i yawn, when i apply liner, when I sneeze. You name it and my eyeliner is running everywhere. Pencil liner has unfortunately never been great for me as it always smudges into my undereyes. I’ve given them all a go, urban decay’s 24/7 liners were the best pencil liners I’ve used but even that still smudged a little. MAC’s liquidlast were great in terms of formula but the brush it comes with is horrible. I’ve always dispensed a little on a tray and used an angled liner brush for it. Alas now I have to get up at 6am and be out of the house by 6.15 so i have no time to fiddle with dispensing and cleaning the brush anymore. Kiss Me’s heroine liner seems to fit the bill right now, it’s completely smudge proof and waterproof and black as black can be. I might be in love.

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I have a love affair with mimco. I admit it. My white button bag is the most used bag i own and since this black patent turnlock bag came out I’ve had my greedy eyes zeroed in on it. Unfortunately $499 just seemed a bit steep after buying the house and rebudgeting so I’ve been waiting patiently while i set aside a little money. Happily enough, DJ’s had 25% off and I happened to have finally accumulated enough kitty so I’m not the proud owner of the above pictured bag just about half an hour ago. I’ve already poured all my stuff into it and am carrying it around the house driving my husband crazy. kekeke

I have always had dry skin. Dry sensitive skin, and it has always been a pain. I use heavy moisturizers and gentle cleansers and have always been wary of changing brands/products. Very bad facial rashes have sometimes occurred when my skin doesn’t agree. I’m talking eyes swelling shut one time kind of allergic reactions. The only good thing about my dry skin was that pimples were never a problem for me and I was very grateful for that. However now at the cusp of reaching 29 years of age I’m breaking out. My skin has been noticeably oilier over the last year and pimples have started busting out of nowhere. From 2 decades of being blemish free, I now always have at least one or two. This week I have 6 but i assume my cold is to blame.

At any rate it’s all very foreign to me. I don’t know what skin care products i should start looking at. I have never looked at products for oily type skin so I’m not sure what is effective. And I am also a little scared of changing my skin care routine due to my sensitivity. Lots of research to be doing. Does anyone have any reccs? I have a few clinique items in my shopping cart on strawberrynet but I’m not entirely convinced yet.

Ok, so things have been pretty busy since we moved into the house and I haven’t had the time or inclination to get around to posting properly. But these past few days I’ve come down with a pretty bad cold and I can’t leave home lest I infect the innocents (or inflict my sickly appearance on them).

Being in a house we can call our own has been great so far. There’s just something about it being yours that makes it more “homey” i suppose. We have a few things we’ve been planning like tearing down the cheap curtains in favor of timber blinds and having a verandah put up. But we’ll take our time because now that we’ve moved in all our stuff and new new furniture has arrived (whoopee) I’m feeling rather lazy. After all the anticipation and running around it’s nice to just sit around and enjoy what we’ve finally bought ourselves. The various family members have come and gone and overall the responses have been very positive and I’m relieved. The dog even settled in like we had lived here all the time. I was very worried we’d be cleaning lots of “mistakes” off the cream carpet but all has been well in doggyland and no such thing ever happened.

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