After having bought our home, my mind has been full of ideas for furniture and decoration. Right at the front of this has been the bedroom. For about a year hubby and I have been sleeping with our mattress on the floor all while chanting the mantra “we’ll get a bed set when we have a new house”. So my husband has decreed, now that we have a house, the bedroom is the first thing we will furnish.

My main concern in the new house is that it’s all very white. The family that lived there before had white carpet, white walls and white furniture. All a little bit bland. I want to keep the neutral background (white carpet and white walls but paint the skirting a contrasting color, maybe brown) and bring color to the room with items that can easily be changed. The above picture appeals to me with the use of bed linen and the carpet to add contrast to the room. I am also a big fan of the Hemnes range of furniture used. The only part i am not a fan of is the pink box at the end of the bed. I would prefer a large wooden chest in place instead.