All this cleaning is making me realise how much skincare and makeup I have that I have not used up. I sometimes flit from brand to brand just because i got bored of the product i was using. I really do not require the 10 tubes of hand cream I own do I? Nor do i really use 15 different lip balms?

So I’ve decided my first resolution for the new year is going to be to finish using things before i buy new ones. I haven’t decided how this will work with regard to things like eyeshadow and blushes as I have never in my life seen pan on either of these products. But it will apply to all skincare, lipgloss/balms/sticks, mascaras (i have enough stashed away unopened for years…), foundations, etc. Wish me luck in keeping this new resolution up!


I’m even more motivated not to drown in my makeup now, after sorting through all of my makeup items. I found the eyeshadows i bought back when i first started to get into makeup. That’s 7 years ago. Somehow i don’t think my eyeshadow has been sitting all that inert for 7 years! After a bit of sniffing a very large  (kind of odd smelling) chunk of my blush/bronzer/illuminator/eyeshadow collection has gone into the bin.

I followed this and my nose as a rule while sorting out. I did of course keep a few of the items i just cannot bear to part with but on the whole everything looks a lot more manageable now.