Hey everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are up for a fruitful hunt at the boxing day sales. My hubby and I are avaoiding all the post Christmas sale goodness as we are in full blown savings mode until march when the house settles. We hope to have as much set aside as possible tobthrow into the loan and buy furniture. So while I cannot do any of my usual clothes shopping I will be looking a lot at furniture and home decorating ideas for the next three months.

What I am also doing starting today is sorting out all the stuff we’ve managed to hoard in the house over the years. I’m going to ruthlessly cull all the unwanted clothes, shoes and random crap before we shift off. Maybe put some up for sale on the vogue forums, have a garage sale and donate what I left. Should be fun.

I will make a post of some of our Christmas presents soon 🙂 I hope you all got some great stuff.