Our new home

This weekend my husband and I finally joined the ranks of the first home owners. After a long year of searching and disappointment we finally found something with almost everything we wanted within our price range. It’s a gorgeous 3 bedroom townhouse in Nunawading with a very low maintenance backyard (hubby and I are extremely lazy about gardens) which is perfect for the dog to run around in. It’s walking distance to the train station so there’s no need to buy a second car (another expense we were dreading tacking on top of the mortgage). Settlement is set for March, which suits me to a tee because i have a leasing contract to finish up where we are now! Gives us lots of time to scheme plan what we want to buy. I’m all over Provincial for inspiration!

The auction process was a nerve wracking experience! This was our second auction and after the disappointment of last week (I am still convinced that i jinxed it by telling everyone who would listen about the house i wanted) we didn’t have much hope. But i made a supreme effort to look confident and stare down the competition from behind my dark sunnies! Then after that the property was passed in with us as the highest bidder and we had to negotiate. Very scary for the first home buyer, but we had to stick to our guns and say if we didn’t win we’d just move and and look elsewhere. I don’t think i even breathed until after the contracts were all signed! Even now i cannot quite believe it.

On the down side I am now forced to be frugal, a position i am not used to being in. I like to think i made a good start today by making a huge casserole and freezing it in multiple portions. Very cheap and delicious. I hope it will prevent me from suggesting we eat out so often due to post-work fatigue. The budget is now going into a major overhaul!