I’ve been on a little bit of a shoe buying blitz lately. When I was overseas i bought a few pairs then on returning to australia i found my favourite flats have been worn to death (meaning if i put my finger in the section between the sole and leather i can see pink pink pink). So of course i went out to find some replacements and oops country road have 30% off shoes so i replaced them with 4 pairs. I think I’m on a shoe buying ban now, but what i have should keep me happy for a little while at least.

A little overview of some of the damage. Please excuse the washing basket in the background

Bally Illiane Black Patent Pumps. I got these at the Bally outlet in New York. From $420 down to $149 i thought i could treat myself. My husband was a big fan of them, i’m reserving them for special occasions as they’re much taller than i regularly wear.

Country Road Tamison Vintage Pumps in Light Camel. I just love the low heel and the overall shape of the shoe, an almond toe has always been my favourite. The leather is buttery soft and i feel very comfortable in these. They came in Light camel, drizzle (a greyish color) and black. I was very tempted to get the black but all my shoes are black and I took this as an opportunity to branch into another color.

Country Road Tamison Vintage Pumps in Drizzle. Same as above. Justified by my lack of ownership of any other grey shoes

Country Road Letitia Flats in Dark Husk and Black. The black ones are a replacement for my recently dead Tony Bianco flats and the brown are little accident. Both are very soft and comfortable. I can see these being used both at work and out.

YOU by Crocs boots. I can’t remember the name of the boot but when i saw them in Montreal i was very surprised to find non hideous shoes. In fact these lamb skin boots looked pretty cute and were very comfortable and warm so i had to get a pair. It’s warm now in Melbourne, so I’m going to have to wait until winter comes again before i get to try them out.